Denver County Jail

Call:720.363.1672 Call this number for service in the following areas:
  • Denver Metro
  • Denver County Detention Center
  • Denver County Jail

A Second Chance Bail Bonds has been posting bonds for the Denver County Detention center for 13 years. We can and will post bonds small and large at the Denver County Jail. We have professional agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all Holidays. When you call one of our professional bail bond agents, we will assist you in your time of need and give you a detailed explanation of the bonding process.

Keep in mind that Denver County Detention Center does have jail fees, but our prices are very competitive. We offer friendly customer service. If you need help in the Denver County Jail, Denver Metro area or the Denver County Detention Center, we are just a quick call away at 720-374-0123.

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